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What Pastors Say About Next Level Leadership

Ps Mel Marshall

"It's relevant and practical. Our team was better equipped, more unified and we implemented great new ideas"

Ps Ken Fletcher

"The course's design led to participation, interaction and accountability. It's a practical, time efficient way to disciple leaders"

Accelerate Your Leaders' Growth With Our Time Saving Programs

How Does The Program Work?

There Are Three Simple Elements In Each Program


Reading Material

Leaders read the Reading Material in their own time. It is minimal and is designed for your time poor leaders.


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Learning Exercises

Your leaders then interact with the Reading Material using the Learning Exercises which accelerate your leader's learning.


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Coaching Instructions

Once a month the leaders gather for a group coaching session with their pastor who uses our step-by-step coaching instructions to guide the discussion.


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What Pastors Say About Next Level Leadership

Time is a big issue for pastors but this program provided a framework for facilitating development of my leaders. It exceeded my expectations.
Dave Ryder
Pastor Kelmscott Church of Christ

Often these programs require too much work from participants with busy lives and lose their impact over time.
However, we found the workload just right for our leaders developed personally and as leaders in the church.
Rohan Bell Pastor C3 Church Wollondilly Camden

The intentional reflection exercises enhanced my leader's personal learning experience. Each module drew out insights and processes that had not being previously developed.
Andrew Mercer Pastor Summerlakes Church

The Next Level Leadership program brought a noticeable shift in our team.
It enabled many of them to have an ahah moment as they went through each module and see where they could step up in their life and in the church.
Rod Waters Pastor C3 Church Joondalup

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow long is each program?

    Each program is 6 months long.
  • q-iconHow often do the leaders meet for a coaching sessions?

    The group coaching session is once a month.
  • q-iconDo the leaders complete the learning exercises in their own time?

    Yes. The only group activity is the monthly coaching session.
  • q-iconCan I see samples of the Reading Material, Learning Exercises and Coaching Instructions?

    Yes. You can download free samples by simply clicking here.
  • q-iconHow can I find out all the topics covered in the programs?

    You can download the Learning Objectives and Topics for each program by simply clicking on this link.
  • q-iconWhat leaders will get the most benefit from this program?

    We recommend you conduct the program with no more than 8 people at a time and run it initially with your departmental heads.
  • q-iconCan we use the programs multiple times?

    Yes you can use it as many times as you like in as many different settings in your church as you like .
  • q-iconCan I give this program away to another church, pastor or mission field?

    No. Copyright restrictions prevent you from either using the program in another church or giving it away to another church, pastor or mission field. You may of course purchase programs for another pastor or church.
  • q-iconWho created Next Level Leadership?

    Willow Creek Association Australia and Grow a Healthy Church created Next Level Leadership.

Who Created Next Level Leadership?

Next Level Leadership was created by Willow Creek Association Australia and Grow a Healthy Church.

Willow Creek Association was founded by Bill Hybels and has produced conferences and resources for the Australian church for over 20 years.

Grow a Healthy Church was founded by John and Di Finkelde who pastored in Australia for 30 years and now provide consulting and coaching services to churches and pastors.

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